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We love the idea of repurposing common household items and making them useful for another purpose. Here is a collection of life-changing like hacks that will save your time and ease your life.
You can make a really cool DIY magnetic bottle opener. Watch our tutorial and create a super useful thing! Hidden magnets attach the bottle caps to the wood. Pretty cool huh!?!
After watching this video, you will find out that you have been using soda cans all wrong! Soda cans were designed with pop tabs as they are perfect straw holders. You just need to open a can, spin the pop tab over the hole and put the straw inside the hole. Voila! Don’t forget to share this lifehack with your friends!
You have so many makeup and makeup tools but you don’t want to spend tons of money on organizers or they just don’t suit your personal taste? Create DIY organizer for brushes and check out more ideas in our video!
If your room is too small to create vertical storage for your cosmetics by using a picture frame and magnets! With a magnetic board, you can easily find what you’re looking for. Also, it could be a nice décor idea for your space. Moreover, the magnetic tape could help you to organize your pins.
You faced the problem of wanting to wear a racerback top but you don’t have the right bra? You can just use a paperclip! Simply use it to connect the two straps at the back between the shoulder blades.
Check out how to easily clasp a bracelet by yourself using a paperclip.
Glass candle holder decorated with drinking straws and would look really classy on the dining table as a finishing touch to a special meal. Supplies you will need 1 glass jar or drinking glass, 1 tealight candle, good quality double sided sticky tape, plastic drinking straws, scissors. Hair accessories made from straws are so easy to make and cute.

00:42 Magic way to charge a phone
02:25 Bottle opener with magnets
04:45 Pop tab trick
05:40 Paperclip hacks
06:57 Candleholder decoration

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