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ALOHA friends! Today I’m sharing amazing ways to recycle tin cans! These Can Hacks and DIY Ideas are simply brilliant! In this round up you’ll find how to make planters, lamps, toys, clocks, organization ideas, and much more! After seeing all of these projects and crafts you will never look at cans in the same way again!

You know what’s always bright? Matches! Let’s find out how to waterproof these babies! ; )

You’ll need:
Matches (either strike on the box or strike anywhere)!
Fingernail polish–clear is good, but colored also works.
Quick drying varieties will dry quicker on your matches.
Avoid colors with glitter in them–they still work, but the glitter can cause some sparking as it burns or interfere with the match striking surface.

Paint the match heads with fingernail polish.They need to be thoroughly covered. I like to go down the stick just a bit as well. You can also dip them into the bottle of fingernail polish, just blot them off on the edge of the jar on their way out–you don’t need them drowned in polish, just coated. Nail polish can make a nasty mess on your carpet, table, couch, etc. Do this project over some newspaper or some other place a stray drip of nail polish won’t be a disaster. You might as well do your nails also while you’re at it. ; )
Set the matches so their heads hang over the edge of something just like we did with the waxed matches and let them dry. These take a bit longer to dry than the waxed matches, so be patient. Especially if they were dipped instead of brushed. Quick drying nail polishes speed up the waiting time.


2:45 Remote control case
6:00 How to see without glasses
9:00 Waterproof matches
13:31 Easy way to cut a tile

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