5-Minute Crafts : 20 COOL SOAP HACKS


5-Minute Crafts – 2018-08-11 18:30:00

Soap dispencer is one of the most handy inventions! Check out simple hack how to do it! 0:10

This time I’ve prepared absolutely beautiful DIY soap ideas for you!There’s nothing better than homemade soap that smells like heaven!There are tons of different recipes and variations to any taste and budget!

All you need is some soap base, beeswax and water you also can add citrus zest, coconut oil, food coloring, lavender oil, poppy seeds, shea butter, essential rose oil.You also may need an ice cream mold and some toys for fun decoration.

Ok, let;s get to work, I can’t wait for you to try these amazing ideas. You’ll also find several great ideas on how to make toothpaste dispencer, prevent your eyewear and bathroom mirror from steaming up and much more! You definitely should try these unbelievably effective products your skin will say thank you for! Natural ingredients for the cosmetics, DIY hand scrubs and body deodorants! Everything to make you look and feel great! : )

Find out how to make amazing homemade aromatic soap and hand scrubs! They can be citrus-scented, floral, you can even add some poppy seeds! I can’t wait for you to try it!


0:20 Seashells
2:47 Cleaning bombs
5:02 Glowing in the dark soap

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