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Hi, guys! Are you ready to watch genius lifehacks for lazy men?
Researchers suggest that being lazy is a sign of high intelligence. We know that laziness is the first step towards efficiency and we have a collection of lazy life hacks that are actually pure genius.
We prepared fast flat iron hacks like ironing like ironing shirt collar. Find more amazing ironing tricks in our video!
Check out a tutorial on how to tie a tie easily and look fabulous! Did you know a brilliant lifehack that we are ready to share – pants will fit if the waistline goes around your neck. Don’t you believe us?
Usually, we use a drill for quite a few things but there are pretty awesome things you can do with a drill. After watching this video, you will find tips on how to improve your drilling experience. Remember that drills are useful for more than drilling from changing a tire to cleaning a toilet. Don’t you believe us? Try these lifehacks and share the results in comments below!
After watching this video, you will use a drill like a pro! Use it while cooking in the kitchen: peel the apple, replace your mixer. Also, you can use it to clean the house and even the bathroom. You gonna love our crazy drill hacks:
– You can use it to clean the house and even the bathroom
– If you ever got caught with flat tire there is a genius solution: get a scissor jack, a drill, and a big circle hook
– Transform your drill into the mixer or use it to peel the apple, pencil sharpener or even small vacuum cleaner
– Replace your mixer – use drill and scissors
– Thinking about baking an apple pie? Our hack can help you peel an apple in seconds!
Check out the top secret kitchen and household hacks every man should know:
-There is a smart way to store tiny object – use tic tac box. Organize your nails
-Find how to remove water stain circles from wood furniture using mayonnaise
-Ketchup can be used to help you clean, get rid of rust
-Clean eyeglasses with cola. Pour Coca-Cola over the eyeglasses. Rinse cola with water. Dry well
Look through the list and pick out your favorites or you may just want to use them all!
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01:58 How to find perfect jeans
03:27 Zip tie hack
04:40 DIY Vacuum cleaner
06:21 Flat tire hack
12:52 Clean your eyeglasses

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