If there’s been one frequent within our cosmetic bag over the years, it’s Petroleum jelly.

Using this slippery balm dates back to the late 1800s, when oil employees in Pennsylvania started utilizing a wax secreted from the oil pumps on cuts and burns. Extracting petroleum jelly from that wax, inventorpackaged the stuff up in containers to be used as a medicinal product and lubricant to treat minor flesh wounds.

Over time, Vaseline has morphed into a number of other products, including body lotion, lip balm, soap, facial cleanser and personal lubricant. Therefore, why are we still carrying around a jar of the straight-up stuff? Nicely, because as any thrifty beauty junkie knows, Vaseline is a great starting place for a whole variety of DIY beauty products.


Last but not least, now that it’s winter, you could have noticed that your skin is affected by dry patches, especially round the elbows and knees. If vacation shopping has left you feeling too cheap to be sent and buy fancy body scrub, mix together some coarse sea salt and Vaseline to produce a super basic scrub that literally costs cents. Not bad!


This is certainly one of the most straightforward ways to use Vaseline. Simply grab a cotton swab and a blob of Vaseline and gently rub away the day’s makeup. Vaseline is especially great for removing mascara and eyeliner because it’s super gentle and doesn’t contain any dangerous chemicals that could aggravate the eyes. Just be sure you rub off any access jelly so that you won’t be left with oily lashes!


Since Vaseline creates a humidity barrier, it can work well once you have dry and cracked lips. Turn your favourite lipstick shade into a lip tint by first coating your lip area in Vaseline and then swiping the lipstick on to your top lip only. Rub in and you do have a great subtle pop of colour.


Require a pop of colour in a pinch? Create your own DIY lipstick by mixing pieces of crushed up powder blush in a pot of Petroleum jelly. Apply to lips with a lip brush and voil?: your very own one-of-a-kind lipstick! And if you’re on the final legs of your favourite tube, don’t chuck it! Mix in Vaseline with the remaining lipstick to have an easy-as-pie, DIY lip gloss.


Set unruly brows in their place by applying a little level of Vaseline to the brow and then scrubbing it through with a brow shaper. If you need some tinted skin gels for coverage, crush upward some eye shadow a shade lighter than your natural hair colour and mix onto a palette with some Vaseline! It’s really that easy.


Awoke with a big, red zit and don’t have any concealer? No sweat. Mix up some Vaseline with some crushed upwards pressed powder to create your own DIY concealer. Sure, it’s not as good as the real stuff, but it will get you by until you can get yourself to a cosmetic countertop.


If you’ve never used cream dry, here’s a great way to try before you buy. Apply a very thin coating of Vaseline onto the apples of your cheeks and then dot the centre with a smudge of lipstick. Stick to a subtle pink or peach hue for your first go, so you don’t end plan clown-face. Next, blend, blend and blend some more until you’re left with merely a very light flush of colour.


It is a great tip we indexed from a M. A new. C. Cosmetics senior designer a few years back. To create a sexy but subtle smoky eye, grab your favourite black or dark brown eye pencil and attract over your entire top from lash line to crease. Next, smear on some Vaseline, pulling your finger from the duct outwards. Next, wipe away the eyeliner until most likely left with only a minor stain. The result: a dewy, smoky eye that didn’t involve any complicated contouring.