The women are satisfied to take out again their light clothes dresses, skirts and light pants. Only, a small problem which meet all the women who have the thighs which rub: the irritations between legs. Here are some tricks(cleverness) to avoid at the most having the thighs which burn!

5 simple tricks(cleverness) to fight Thighs which rub themselves


1.The talc

Trick of archetypal grandmother, the talc allows to mop the sweat, and thus to limit the irritations. It is effective, but however impractical: it is necessary to put back to it without putting in it of everywhere …

2. The Cream Bariéderm drag

All the women in the thighs which contact swear only by her. This signed cream Uriage, who we find in all the non-pharmaceutical chemist’s, limits the frictions and repair the skin in case of irritation. Besides, she(it) resists (almost) all day long:
Not need to re-apply it!

3. The Cream Aptonia

Recommended by the sportsmen to avoid the pains frictions, the cream anti-friction Aptonia limits heating’s(warm-ups) and irritations. It is one of the most effective thanks to its formula waterproof: perfected for day in bikini or for those who perspire(transpire) a lot.


4. The lubricant

Yes, you have well he! Numerous people praise the use of lubricants with silicone to avoid the burning sensation. To make out a will (to test), you will discover maybe new one benefaction in this product.



5. The coconut oil

Besides being excellent for the skin, the coconut oil is going to come to protect your thighs by facilitating the “sliding”. Best in all this ? It smells divinely good ! Of course, it is necessary to reapply to it from time to time, but nothing more simple, it is enough to slide a small flask in its handbag.