Tricks for the shoot of hair. Grow your hair faster, Repair it.

Grow locks faster and naturally.
Frome Elisa’s cachette:
Fill Perform a glass of half with a mineral drinking water in bottle place in micro wave 30secondes in maximal electricity.
Add it :

2 soups spoon of honey.

1 soup spoon of cider vinegar.

1/2 bottle of the castor oil. 

The shea spread 50G.

The moisturizing mask, nourishing: 1 yoghurt, 2 soups spoons of creamy or liquid honey or thick syrup of agave, 2 soups spoons of oil, 2 soup spoons of drinking water or 2 soup place of frost gel of aloe vera.

To repeat masks twice in one week, The result profit is just magnificent, you go to see visit.

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