The peel-off masks are very fun to use with this tweezers as if it were a second skin! It's both strange and playful, but more importantly, it makes a difference on the skin. This is why using charcoal is a good idea: it is wonderful for our skin whose pores are filled with dirt and toxins on a daily basis and the peel-off side helps to remove blackheads. This mask cleans the pores, removes excess oil and leaves the skin clean and fresh. It's a real must easy to achieve!

What's needed

  • 5 g of activated charcoal powder
  • 2.5 g of bentonite clay
  • 15 g of gelatin
  • 30 ml of water

Steps :

1) Mix the water and gelatin in a microwaveable container. Then add the charcoal and clay, checking that this mixture does not come into contact with any metal. Make a smooth mixture.

2) Put everything in the microwave to make it thicken. Depending on the power, it can take 10 to 30 seconds. Let cool (very important).

3) Tie your hair well so that none of it remains on the face and apply the mask on a clean and dry skin avoiding the eyebrows. This mask removes impurities and blackheads, but any hair, hair or hair that is in its path is in danger (to remove with hot water just in case).

Make a thin layer if you do not have time to wait for it to dry and thick if you have time in front of you. Focus on problem areas (forehead, chin, nose …).

4) Let it dry and remove the mask from the top to the bottom. It pulls a little, it's normal!

5) Rinse the skin with warm water and dry. Apply a thin layer of coconut oil to moisturize and protect the pores.