When we go wrong, we nibble … and the same for the times when we are well, where we are stressed, where we are tired and where we are bored! In addition, it is enough to have a breakfast or an insufficient meal to feel tempted by a small nibbling. And we know, in those moments when the craving is felt between meals, we seldom opt for a dietary snack … privileging on the contrary a little sweetness not really healthy! To stop these sensations of munchies in the middle of the day that make your belly gurgle and fill this little hollow, here is the ideal treat recommended by a dietician.

What's needed :

  • A quarter of sugar
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Juniper essential oil (often used in commercial appetite suppressants)

Steps :

1) Take your quarter of sugar.

2) Then put a drop of lemon essential oil on it.

3) Do the same with juniper essential oil.

4) Allow the sugar to soak well before eating it. That's all !

This treat is perfect in the middle of the morning or at the four o'clock stroke when these cravings are the most common. Avoid it consume at night, because it has stimulating properties incompatible with sleep (this is also why it is a great boost between two meals to refuel) . On the other hand, it will never replace a meal and must be part of a proper and balanced diet.

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