Our body is traversed by the nerves. These allow communication between our central nervous system and the rest of our body. Finding the famous sciatic nerve is not difficult because it is the largest body. Everything starts at the level of the sacrum (above the coccyx). Then we go down along the buttock, the thigh and the back of the knee. Then the sciatic nerve splits on the front of the leg and foot or the outside of the calf. However, it is precisely this type of journey that follows the nagging pain that will suffer at least once 40% of the population in his life. Or in any case, it is these areas that can be affected!


What you need to know about these different stretches

Of course, you can rely on medication. However, it is also possible to treat the problem at the root by exercising in particular its piriformis muscle adequately. Indeed, the latter is very often causing contractures and inflammation. Thus, you will find below 10 excellent stretches in case of sciatica. Do not force too much by doing them because pain is not a sign of exercise success… The goal is not to force and hurt yourself. On the contrary, the most important thing is do the movement well and listen to your body. In addition, some exercises will work on you … and others will not be effective! There are no rules in this area: this depends on the body and the pains of each. Finally, note that doing the exercises several times a day provides faster relief!

Stretch # 1 to relieve sciatic nerve

stretch 1 to relieve the sciatic nerve
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Lie on the floor with your legs flat and your shoulders nailed to the floor at all times during exercise. Then, bend the sore leg and place it towards the opposite knee. Then, put the opposite hand on the outer part of the knee to encourage a little stretching without pulling too much. Hold in this position for 30 seconds, return to the basic position smoothly. Repeat the movement two or three times several times a day if possible.

Stretch # 2 to relieve sciatic nerve

stretching 2 to relieve the sciatic nerve
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For this stretch, you have to sit a bit in the Indian while putting the heels in front of the crotch. Then, put your hands on the opposite pegs and keep the position 30 seconds. Finally, gently lift your knees up and down like the wings of a butterfly who beat. Here, 30 seconds will suffice.

Stretch # 3 to relieve sciatic nerve

stretching 3 to relieve sciatic nerve
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Here is a very exercise easy to make everywhere and we can not practical thanks to the sitting position ! Indeed, it suffices here to sit down by putting the painful leg on the other. Then, lean forward a little bit keeping your back straight. Hold this position 30 seconds before doing the same with the other side if it is also painful.

Stretch # 4 to relieve sciatic nerve

stretching 4 to relieve sciatic nerve
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More "acrobatic" and complicated if your severe pains, this exercise is perfect for relieve hips and lower back. Thus, lying on the side not painful with the head resting on the arm, we put the other hand on the hip. Then we fold the legs always keeping the back straight. Gently lift the knee above and do about fifteen beats.

Stretch # 5 to relieve sciatic nerve

stretch 5 to relieve sciatic nerve
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To soothe the pains throughout the hip and groin area, try this! To begin, get on all fours. Then, gently lift your bent leg to turn the heel toward the ceiling. Make about fifteen slow beats.

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