It's hard to avoid using your car when you're not in town. And casually, the budget that is dedicated to it represents, year-round, a tidy sum that we could do without. Here are 15 practical tips for eco-friendly and economical driving. Your wallet will be eternally grateful to you.


1 / Avoid opening windows

The air favors the wind. Avoid opening all windows in your vehicle while driving.


2 / Stay calm

Accelerating or braking suddenly is not really indicated to reduce fuel consumption. Prefer a smooth ride with progressive pace.


3 / Programming your GPS or preparing your route

A pre-planned itinerary is the best way to optimize your fuel tank! No detour or hesitation to have as to the road to follow.


4 / Put cruise control on long journeys

On a non-loaded highway, your car's cruise control, if equipped, will be of great help in maintaining a steady speed and smooth driving.


5 / Limit electronic devices

The use of cigarette lighter plugs, radio or external electronic elements are sources of overconsumption, if used unintentionally.