Today, not a day goes by without inventing new regimes and precepts in dietetics. Thus, it can become a bit difficult to navigate through all this stuff! And when you want to have a better diet, the best is often the enemy of good. So, thinking well, we can make some small regrettable mistakes. Here are 10 examples and some tips to avoid them.


1) You eat fast as if you were at a marathon

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We understand, sometimes we have such a busy daily that we are satisfied with a quick meal on the run. However, taking one's time is important for two reasons. First, it allows better digestion, because chewing is sufficient. As a result, it soaks saliva foods and prepares them to travel in our bowels. And then, it helps to create a feeling of satiety more sustainable and effective. Besides, you really have to concentrate what you eat. Exit the television or the smartphone that have no place around the table!

2) You think that drinking fruit juice is equivalent to eating it

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Even if you take 100% pure juice, it has absolutely nothing to do! Indeed, it takes for example the juice of three oranges to make a drink. Since one fruit is equivalent to three sugars, you will have eaten no less than a dozen sugars … In addition, since there is no chewing and fiber, we completely lose the satiating side of the fruit. In short, it is better to limit your consumption to a maximum of one glass per day and stay on its five fruits and vegetables daily!

3) You starve yourself or skip meals

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Whether you want to lose weight or not, not eating enough or skipping meals may be the worst thing to do! When the body is deprived in this way, it pushes to inconsiderate crackling and uncontrollable cravings … even with a good mind! Prefer healthy plates and sufficient quantities at noon. Also, skip breakfast only if you do not hit the bar or cravings in the morning. Remember that nutritional intake should always be well distributed for a dietary diet.

4) The fake good ideas in dietetics: the lightened and the light

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For starters, with the lightened, you feel more free to overuse and it is not very good to relearn to eat less or to hunger. In addition, normal milking provides a faster satiety so we eat less. But fat is less problematic than the various sugars and carbohydrates that abound in the 0% (including "" "fruits" "")! Prefer a milder, milder-looking nature with a seasonal fruit.
On the other hand, the light creates a small reaction hypoglycemia. It suddenly loses its energy and only the consumption of sugar can bring relief. In conclusion, they stimulate our appetite for sugar. Thus, it would be better to consume very often a sweet drink outside meals than a soda sweetened!

5) You are hunting for fat

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Butter and oil have become prohibited products in your kitchen since you fight cholesterol? Too bad, because they are important for transit and create a sense of satiety. Similarly, a balanced diet requires all types of food … fat included! Thus, you may not only be constipated, but your skin will also be less healthy, a problem when you lose weight and the skin loses elasticity. To do better, just make sense. Reduce animal fat by eating less meat and meat. Moreover, one or two tablespoons of oil per person for each meal and a toast a little buttered in the morning will do.

6) You abuse good fats

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By dint of hearing that they are good, we can only want to invite them to his table for their dietary contribution. Indeed, they are often crucial for many biological functions, help us absorb vitamins and help our cell membranes stay in shape. Nevertheless, foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids are beneficial as long as one does not go beyond the bounds of reasonableness. Indeed, it is fat that brings calories and it does not help the line! If you like oilseeds for your cravings, do not eat more than one unsalted or grilled handle a day.

7) You consume too much starchy foods that you never eliminate

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Many of us swear by our bread, our rice, our potatoes and our pasta. Easy to cook, classic and satisfying, they win all the votes. Nevertheless, if you do not eliminate them, all this uneaten energy turns into fat and leads to weight gain. Do not be afraid to replace them with foods rich in fiber and therefore just as satisfying as pulses. To your lentils and quinoas for meals that stall in accordance with a balanced diet!

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