We give it many names: viral rhinitis, nasopharyngitis, nasopharyngitis, but when you are not a medical professional, it is commonly called the "damn cold" (even less polished names). Contrary to what is often heard, covering oneself and making sure not to catch cold is not enough to not catch it, because it is actually a virus … and contagious please! So, what are Grandma's natural secrets to quickly leave behind her runny nose and other inappropriate symptoms? We tell you everything here! In addition, we know recently, the anti-cold drugs do not want us good … as much better!

Caution: some remedies provide for the use of essential oils. Caution, because they are often not suitable for children and pregnant and lactating women.


1) Salt water against a congested nose

Credits: Pixabay / Onefox

Clean your nasal fossa and the back of your nose with saline at room temperature. You can do it yourself with warm water and a touch of salt or buy a saline solution directly. The washing is done inclined head, ideally with a special enema pear for the nose. The liquid comes from one nostril to come out the other.

2) Eucalyptus essential oil is smeared against the stuffy nose

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It can be used in many ways. In case of cold, it is its antiseptic, decongestant and expectorant qualities beneficial to the respiratory tract. You can simply drop a few drops on a handkerchief to breathe at will throughout the day or use it to inhale. If you wish, you can even massage your chest by diluting it in oil or bathing with it after diluting it in honey or coarse salt.

3) Tea tree essential oil against sore throat

Credits: Stephanie (strph) / Wikimedia Commons

With two drops of this antiviral and antibacterial essential oil coupled with a little honey (a natural antiseptic that soothes irritated throats), you will have the perfect remedy! Keep it in your mouth for a while then swallow. Repeat two to three times during the day.

4) Ayurvedic decoction

Credits: Pixabay / TerriC

Prepare a spicy decoction made with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. When your preparation is ready, add a touch of honey and drink. It is excellent against colds and especially from the first symptoms felt.

5) Ivy against cough

Credits: Pixabay / TerriC

It is antiviral, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory antirheumatic and diuretic. It is therefore advisable to drink as an infusion throughout the day (4 or 5 cups). For this, add a generous pinch to a cup of hot water and give 10 minutes to infuse before drinking!

6) The ground ivy anti-cold and anti-bronchitis

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With its antiseptic, healing and anti-inflammatory effect, ivy also has a tonic effect if used in syrup by mixing 50 g with 125 ml of honey and 125 ml of water.

7) Infusion of thyme against cough and runny nose

Credits: Strecosa / Pixabay

This infusion is antiseptic, antiviral, expectorant, antispasmodic and decongestant for the respiratory tract. You can brew two teaspoons in very hot water for no more than 5 minutes to avoid developing the bitterness of the mixture. You can then sweeten everything with honey and add a half of lemon juice for a complete mix. Do not exceed 4 cups a day.

8) Absinthe oil against cough

Credits: Wikimedia Commons / Aurélie Troccon and Manon Mauguin

It consists of vegetable oil and absinthe juice and can be used in massage at the chest to decongest the airways, clear the bronchi and stop the cough!

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