When we talk about burns, we can quickly have a fire with big flames and terrible consequences, but it can also be small daily injuries caused by a stupid domestic accident. Who has never made a clumsiness and been burned by a contact with the plate of the oven while leaving the gratin of the midday for example? These wounds are shallow and wide, but they really hurt and all you want is to calm those sharp sensations. And in these cases, the net teems with more or less good ideas to help you. We are the first to defend the simple and cheap little tricks, but some wrong myths can nevertheless aggravate the situation and we can not let it go … hence this article!

Remember that even if it is small, you should never take a burn lightly and avoid playing with your health.


1) The toothpaste

The fluoride or mint toothpaste is a very popular remedy because it brings a fresh sensation, promotes healing and contains menthol anti-inflammatory. We know what you may have thought when you saw the title and this tip evoked: "I already did it and it worked!"… and you will have a lot of luck! But if it works for some, know that it is at your own risk and that it can increase the burn by keeping the heat in the wound. Toothpaste increases inflammation in the wound and can cause convulsions to children. This is a lot of risk for uncertain chances of success. Health is too precious to do anything!

2) Egg white

egg white burn
Video capture of the Brazilian Girl Channel YouTube channel

You may have already read the ridiculous story of the neighbor who would have saved the burned face of her neighbor by applying egg white and who likes to evoke the ambulance who congratulates her and her neighbor who thanks then with a baby's skin as if nothing had happened. This belief about the hard-boiled egg, because people were quick to propagate false truths on the net. Those who defend this method often give two arguments: the richness of the collagen egg and its resemblance to the placenta … two misconceptions completely wrong! For information, the egg contains only water and albumin (ovalbumin).

In addition, it forms a layer above the burn that captures heat and keeps it concentrated in the wound. Let's also briefly mention that the raw egg is a disaster on this open wound and that it can give infections.

3) Butter, cold cream or oil

Applying it will help the skin regenerate because it loses its surface fatty molecules when burned. Nevertheless, applying fat to a burn only aggravates the cooking phenomenon (after all, do not we put oil in the dishes so that they cook better?). Unless you are a french fries, avoid coating yourself! In addition, it does not help to reduce the local heat since this fatty layer will keep the heat in the burn and maintain it. In short, it is typically all that is not desirable on this type of injury! In addition, it can increase the risk of infection.

Something else ?
Also avoid eosin or any coloring substance that does not monitor the evolution of redness and alcohol that will further damage your cells well abused and hurt you without reason.

The best cure for a burn: water, water and more water!

Credits: Pixabay / Tiburi

The first step known to all after removing the heat source (iron, barbecue, kettle …) is to run a long water over the burn. It is important to do it for a long time with a water temperature between 15 and 25 ° C to remove heat and pain to the maximum. Count about ten or fifteen minutes at least to prevent this from spreading and forget the cold or cold water! Water very slightly cool or warm is preferable.

Then, if you want to use grandma's solutions for better healing and soothe the area, try the honey (with a preference for thyme, lavender or manuka honey, more antibacterial) or aloe vera if you are not allergic to it. With a drop of lavender essential oil or not, the gel of this plant is very soothing.

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