If you do not want to worry about the average care for your feet and are looking for a foolproof efficiency to say goodbye to the thick dead skin that has accumulated this winter, this scrub is what you need! It consists of three rather basic ingredients that will chase dead skin and moisturize your skin until it is smooth and soft. Ready to find baby's feet? Follow this simple recipe, test it and prepare to stop letting go!

What's needed :

  • 10 ml of apple cider vinegar
  • 7 g of unrefined coconut oil (or another very nourishing vegetable oil that you have in your possession: olive, avocado, almond …)
  • 3 g of sea salt
  • Optional: a few drops of an essential oil of your choice

Steps :

1) Mix all the ingredients listed above until everything is well incorporated.

2) Perform a half-hour foot bath in warm water to soften the skin.

3) You can then move on to your homemade scrub with emphasis on the thickest areas like heels. Rub for two or three minutes.

4) Put the feet to soak for about ten minutes then rinse them and dry them well.

5) Cream them with a very nourishing product to finish the treatment. Find a home made here or on this link … you will not be disappointed!

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