Remember the last time you were invited to your friends' home. They had just cleaned up, so you had to take off your shoes. Remember this embarrassing moment. Never again. If like many people you tend to sweat feet, here are two / three small tips that could change your life. It's simple, and it costs almost nothing. Make everyone happy, and solve this odor problem.


1 -The talc

Talc is not just for babies. With a high absorption capacity, it will take care of your perspiration. do not hesitate to sprinkle a little on all the underside of the foot (clean) before donning the shoes. If it is the shoe that is lacking, and you do not want to leave any chance to bad odors, put it also directly in the shoe.

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2 – Footwear every other day

As much as possible, the trick here is to alternate two pairs of shoes, every other day. Why ? It takes on average about 24 hours for the perspiration to disappear. Keep your shoes in a ventilated place for the air to circulate. Avoid wearing closed shoes without socks (do you?).

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3 – Have a foot bath

It's simple. You need a basin, warm water, and some tea bags (black preferably). The tannic acid it contains is an astringent that acts on the sebaceous glands (responsible for the production of sweat). Let infuse, and stay for 30 minutes. Take the opportunity to relax, you are tense at the moment.

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4 – Baking soda

Him again ?! Yes, but what do you want, it's a miracle ingredient. Baking soda is indeed an excellent ally against stinky odors thanks to its absorbency. Like talc, sprinkle some bicarbonate at night in your shoes. The next day, goodbye bad smells.

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5 – Wash your feet, but wash your feet well

To fight against bad odors, the first important point is hygiene: remember that even if your feet are watered in the shower, they are not washed so far. Do the balancing act of soaping a foot properly between the toes and under the plant before rinsing it and moving to the other to avoid slipping. A classic soap is enough but there are also soaps for excessive perspiration (in pharmacy).

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6 – Boric acid

A simple and inexpensive remedy (for the road) is to put the equivalent of a teaspoon of boric acid (white powder) in each shoe and start well. The powder is antiseptic. Used every 2 days, it will gradually eliminate the bad smell of feet and shoes.

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