A pizza evening that goes awry, spaghetti that splash you when you eat them or a Bolognese sauce that spurts in the pan and now your clothes are stained with tomato sauce! So, you probably think you're good for hours to scrub and spend a few small bills for stain removers. Let's be honest, these tracks are actually hard to deal with. Nevertheless, by knowing some good stuff, you will have no problem with fresh or older traces! Word of Grandma, you will not be disappointed 😉


1) Have you just made tomato sauce stains? Act fast with cold water!

A little like with the blood, hot water is banned on a fresh stain. Indeed, this only has the effect of embedding the pigments in the fibers. In short, it makes the task more difficult to clean! In short, prefer to use cold water and do not wait until it dries. To do this, proceed to a thorough rinse with clean water and spend some Marseille soap to detach in depth. This technique works perfectly well on cotton fabrics.

2) To detach a piece of leather or jeans

Here, prefer to use simple milk as long as the stain is not dry yet. We advise you to pour a little directly on the area to be treated and to use a clean cloth to rub. It will do wonders! Like what, milk is not good at removing ink stains.

3) And if the tomato sauce stains have dried, what do we do?

tomato sauce stains
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After all, we have something else to think about these nasty spots. Nevertheless, it is true that it is more difficult to treat a spot that has dried up … but not impossible! Bring your jar of baking soda and moisten the stain. Then apply baking soda generously and give it a good quarter of an hour to act. Finally, you will only have to rinse and see the red-orange trace fly away.

4) And on an older task, what is the procedure to follow?

Imagine that the garment is machine-worn or that other cleaning treatments have not worked. You do not have a bowl, but do not despair! In this case, you can soak a clean cloth of white vinegar or 70 ° alcohol and dab the stain. A rinse will finish the job. Another option, you can also use hydrogen peroxide 20 volumes provided to have tested on a not very visible corner of the fabric to be sure that it will not spoil or discolor it. Soak the stain a bit and rinse.

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